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Welcome to Boggle Hole, the site all about renovating your home! If you’re interested in topics that help you achieve the best possible look in your own home from adding things like shiplap cladding and oak flooring to installing gadgets such as electric curtains, then you’re in the right place!

Boggle Hole Solid Oak flooring and shiplap cladding the latest home renovation trend

Here at Boggle Hole, we spend a lot of time doing out research and finding out what the latest and greatest home decoration and renovation trends such as using shiplap cladding are so that we can pass these findings on to our readers. We’ve been investigating the latest flooring trends and have some surprise findings that we’re very excited to share!


So it turns out that after conducting a number of surveys that the most popular style of flooring right now is actually solid oak flooring. Despite it being one of the more expensive forms of flooring using oak had not only become fashionable but appears to have captured the nations imagination. There are all sorts of oak styles and flooring finishes being used. People are using all manner of materials too from solid reclaimed oak, to cutting down old oak beams and using them as floor boards.

Boggle Hole has noticed a trend to making use of old oak flooring

Whether in an attempt to bring building and fitting costs down or merely a way to look after the environment, we are noticing that people are increasingly going to scrap yards and similar places in order to get reclaimed wood. They are then cleaning these woods and making them look like new before using it for things such as solid oak flooring. This is something that we’re going to be talking about in later posts too, so watch this space!

Welcome to our second Boggle Hole post on using Commercial Dishwashers in your home

Families are getting larger and larger, this may be one reason why people are starting to use a commercial dishwasher in their own home, particularly when they are renovating their kitchen.

What Boggle Hole found out about the use of a commercial dishwasher

It’s a well known fact that the risk with buying a regular dishwasher is at some point it’s going to break down and it’s going to be expensive to repair. No one wants to be left stranded manually washing their own dishes either, for this reason people are increasingly choosing to renovate their kitchens with commercial dishwashers. A commercial or industrial dishwasher will typically cost more than your average domestic washer however people are seeing the additional cost as more of an investment.


The reason we say ‘investment’ is because if these dishwashers are able to stand up to the test of time far better than their non industrial dishwasher counterparts then they can actually work out to be far more economical a purchase in the long run. These washers can usually hold a lot more dishes too meaning that people can actually wait longer times before they actually have to put their machine to go, this can not only save water but a lot of energy and therefore money too.